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Rose Fadem-Johnston's cinematography spans narrative, music videos, experimental and commercial formats. Her work often includes tackling the challenges specific to SFX, VFX, stunts, children, animals, and stop-motion animation. Originally from Berkeley CA, her first career was as a Trapeze artist, before she moved into the equally wild and wonderful world of production.  Fadem-Johnston is currently based out of Los Angeles where she lives with her husband, children, cat, dog, an excess of fruit trees.

Fadem-Johnston’s cinematography has been featured at festivals around the world including Dances with Films, Hollywood, Chicago IFF, Toronto, Riff,  Catalina, Montreal, Italian Contemporary, and Champs-Élysées. She was featured on the StudioDaily 50 list in 2018. She is on the founding board of the International Collective of Female⁺ Cinematographers (ICF⁺C). Fadem-Johnston earned her MFA at the world-renowned AFI conservatory and her BA in Film Production at UCLA's TFT. Her mentors include Stephen Lighthill ASC,  Sandra Valde-Hansen ASC, and Mitchel Pessah ASC. When she is not shooting, she is on senior faculty for the AFI Conservatory cinematography dept. 

Narrative Reel

Music Reel

Commercial Reel

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